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Vin Blanc / Italie / Vénétie

Prix total bouteille - 25.55$

Frais de service / bouteille payable aujourd'hui - 5 $
Prix bouteille SAQ payable a la ramasse - 20.55 $

It has a rich,ample bouquet with notes that go from tropical to flowery and finally to hints of spices, typical of Riesling wine. In the mouth is full,dry with a long fruity finish. Ideal to complement asparagus-inspired dishes. Excellent with first course dishes and fish.

Sku SAQ : 15282565

Casa Baccichetto Animafranca Manzoni del Piave DOC

  • Degré d'alcool / Taux de sucre

    13.5% / 2 g/L
  • Cépage(s)

  • Agence promotionnelle

    Selection MGH
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