Vin rouge / Dealu Mare / Romania / Caisse de 6
Prix bouteille SAQ - 18.25 $
Frais de service / bouteille - 3.65 $
Prix total bouteille - 21.90 $
Frais de service pour la caisse de 6 - 21.9 $
The Dealu Mare area is known for its exceptional Merlot production, due to the chernozem which proved to be very favorable for this grape variety. Obtaining an organic plantation involves treating grapes and vine leaves only with organic products. Chemicals and pesticides are not allowed. It is very important to monitor the plantation. Budureasca Organic Merlot is made from Merlot grapes that come from an organic plot, harvested by hand and fermented at 16 ° C, for 3 days, to obtain the desired color. Fermentation continues for 8 days, at 25 ° C, resulting in a fruity wine with fine tannins. This wine with vintag 2019 obtain Gold Medal at contest Organic Wines Awards 2020.
Sku SAQ : 14852925

Budureasca Dealu Mare Organic Merlot 2018

  • Degré d'alcool / Taux de sucre

    14.5% / 0,61 g/L
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